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We are effectively a service- orientated company dedicated to the satisfaction of compressed air requirements in all aspects of the industry. We adhere to a strict code of ethics and professional competence and totally distance ourselves from any questionable business practices. The company maintains fair and courteous
relationships with our clients, suppliers and associates being respectful of their requirements. It is our motto to maintain strict confidentiality of all dealings with our clients and suppliers particularly with regards to business affairs, technical procedures and processes. The company is a member of SASSDA and is also in the final phase of implementing the ISO9002 concept.

Company Structure

Compressor division
Main field of activity is the rebuilding of oil-free compressors but also
undertake work on most makes of screw compressors. The company
achieved a first in the world with assistance from our partner at GHH-RAND Germany by combining the technology of Atlas Copco and GHH-RAND to manufacture our own oil-free screw compressor which has been sold with great success to GHH-RAND for their export market.

Blower division
This division rebuild’s most makes of blowers for the pneumatic- and materials- handling industry. As from 1998 we have represented Robuschi in South Africa. Our company achieved a milestone in securing the order to supply the Mozal Aluminium Smelter in Mozambique for the Billiton Group with 14 new Robuschi blowers for their fluoridation plants with second phase of the project to be started in August 2001.

Hire Plant division
Dominante Hire Plants is in the process of building up a fleet of units to service the whole spectrum of the market.

Engineering division
Engineering manufacturing has done pioneering work in the stainless steel heat exchanger field and is improving daily in the design and efficiency thereof. They also manufacture acoustic panels and they strive towards to SASSDA code of conduct.

Machine & Workshop
This department is responsible for the building of piping and other products needed in the compressed air systems to the client's specifications. It is also responsible for the service of all our customers needs, including field service to the appropriate customers, 24 hours a day.

Design department
The drawing department was established after the need for quality control was recognised. They also do the designing of all modifications and improvements to specialised compressed air systems.

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